How to connect Epson ET 2720 printer to Wi-Fi?

Connect Epson ET 2720 printer to Wi-Fi


Complete the Epson ET 2720 wireless set up and start printing without the hassle of wired connections on limited movement.

  •  Turn on the Epson ET 2720 printer by connecting it to a wall socket.
  • Load enough paper in the paper input tray, turn on the wireless network, and make sure the connection is not fluctuating.
  • Position the printer within the range of the wireless network on the printer touchscreen.
  • Select the home button and choose the Wi-Fi setup option and click ok.
  • From the screen and select the Wi-Fi recommended option and press ok, navigate through the list and select the Wi-Fi setup Wizard option and press the ok button.
  •  Now a list of wireless networks is seen on the screen.
  • Select your wireless network and press ok.
  • If the wireless network is unavailable enter it manually. After entering the network name enter the password and click ok.
  • Within a few minutes, Epson ET 2720 printer connects to the wireless network.
  • Turn on the device and connect it to the same wireless network.
  • Complete Epson ET 2720 Wi-Fi setup, select a document, and start printing.